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Celebrate World Sleep Day – almost 15% off!

On the 16th March, World Sleep Day will make its annual appearance once more. Its purpose is to celebrate sleep and to raise awareness of sleep disorders and offer advice on how each of us can improve the quality of our sleep to lead healthier lives.

So, we decided to help those celebrations a little by giving almost 15% off ALL products on the ResMed Official Online Shop – but only until midnight on Monday 2nd April*.


That’s a saving of almost £100 off our premium CPAP machines, the AirSense™ 10 Autoset, AirSense 10 AutoSet for Her and almost £120 off the portable AirMini starter pack with a mask, the world’s smallest CPAP machine, as well as huge savings across the board.

To get the full discount, you first need to sign-up to ResMed Rewards which will give you 5% off all purchases – membership is FREE and there is no obligation to purchase anything! Once you’re a member, you can apply the code WSD10 during checkout to get a further 10% on top of that!

Please note this discount offer is available for online orders only.

If you don’t want to become a ResMed Rewards member just yet, no problem! You can still use the code WSD10 to get 10% off any purchase you make on ResMed Official Online Shop


* Offer Terms and Conditions:

  • Offer ends at midnight on Monday 2nd April 2018.
  • The discount of “almost 15%” consists of a 10% discount plus a further 5% ResMed Rewards discount on top.
  • Prices shown are inclusive of the 10% plus 5% ResMed Rewards discount but exclude VAT where applicable and delivery charges.
  • Offers are exclusive to online purchases and not available for telephone orders.
  • Discount code WSD10 must be entered during checkout to get 10% off your purchase and you must be a ResMed Rewards to get an additional 5% discount on top.

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