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This valentine’s – we’ve some great pairings

Love is in the AirFit™ 30 series
Our all-new AirFit 30 series is all about comfort and convenience with design that allows you to get closer to your partner in bed.

The AirFit F30 full-face mask is for the romantics who want to be closer, and the AirFit N30i nasal-cradle mask, with it’s top of the head tube, allows you to sleep in any position and move around as you please. Watch the video on the AirFit 30 series.

Your perfect partner – the AirFit™ N30i
This is for the active sleeper
Who go to bed when it suits them.
For the night-time nomads
Who twist and turn
Then spring up, to take on the day.
This is for them.

The AirFit N30i nasal-cradle mask features a top-of-the-head tube design that makes it easier to sleep in any position. Red marks and discomfort on the bridge of your nose are a thing of the past.

Get closer with the AirFit™ F30
This is for the romantics
who want to be closer.
For night-time nuzzlers
who chat, cuddle up,
and wake up in each other’s arms.
This is for you.

Small, quiet and designed for freedom, the AirFit F30 mask delivers full-face functionality in an ultra-compact format. With nothing on your nose, there’s no risk of red marks or discomfort on the bridge of your nose.

Also perfect together – our bundles
Our popular bundles offer great savings against the individual RRP price. Take a look at these:

Starter pack for AirSense 10 and S9
The specially designed CPAP pillow will help you get the best night’s sleep.
The bundle also includes a blue mask-bag (pink is also available!), filters and cleaning supplies to ensure your mask and equipment stay clean, comfortable and well maintained. £96.83

Cleaning spray pack
With a 15% saving, or our cleaning spray pack where you get 5 x 400 ml sprays for the just the price of 4. £51.96

AirTouch F20 cushion (9 pack) + cleaning wipes

uch F20 full-face mask. This bundle also includes 6 x tubs of mask wipes (62 in each) plus 3 x boxes mask wipes (14 in each) for £216.00*

If bought separately, these products would cost £405 at RRP!

Terms and Conditions:
* Prices shown exclude VAT where applicable and carriage charges apply. Stated bundle savings are based on purchasing the individual products separately at RRP.

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