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How can I operate my device with a battery?

How to use ResMed CPAP devices running on battery power in situations where mains power is not available. Please click here to view our travel guide including battery advice.

Can I use my ResMed CPAP system in other countries?

All ResMed CPAP systems have a power supply that automatically adjusts to the various power supplies in different parts of the world. All devices will accept 100-240V, 50-60Hz, without any special adjustment. Please note that you will still need to use the correct adapter for the power supply socket of the country you are visiting. Please also note that this does not apply to the C-Series Tango humidifier, as it will only function at 110V.

Can I use my CPAP system in-flight on a commercial airline?

Some airlines allow passengers to use their CPAP in-flight; some do not. Make sure you check with the airline before you book your flight. Qantas and Air New Zealand actively assist patients who wish to use a flow generator in-flight. Please note: Do not use humidifiers while on an aircraft.

Can my CPAP run from the 400Hz power supply on the aircraft?

Yes. Even though the rating plate on the CPAP specifies 50-60Hz, the switch mode power supply in the flow generator is compatible with the 110 volts 400Hz power supply on the aircraft. Remember to book a seat close to a power outlet on the aircraft. The number and availability varies from one aircraft type to another.

Will I need to have my CPAP adjusted if I travel to high altitudes?

The ResMed AutoSet Spirit device will automatically compensate for altitude changes. The ResMed S8 Escape device may require manual adjustment for altitude changes. Failure to make the adjustment may result in ineffective therapy. Consult your sleep specialist/clinic to discuss this if you have any questions.

Will the x-ray scanners at the airport security affect my CPAP device?

No, the x-ray scanners will not harm the device. However, security may require you to show the medical statement from your physician verifying that you are carrying medical equipment. Make sure this is handy.

Can I go camping and use my CPAP system?

With the use of a suitable inverter or converter unit, your ResMed CPAP can operate from a battery supply (in a truck or recreational vehicle for example). The inverter should be capable of supplying voltage in the 100-300V range and should be of sufficient capacity. The ResMed S8 CPAP range can use either an inverter or converter, however all machines prior to the S8 range only work with inverters. All flow generators with a humidifier need a pure sine inverter with a power rating of 200 Watts or more. A flow generator without a humidifier needs a modified sine wave inverter with a power rating of 150 Watts or more. Choose an auxiliary marine or deep cycle battery (used in 4WD vehicles and boats), as these are better suited to frequent discharge. The RealSleep team can assist in your choice of a suitable inverter or converter for your CPAP. They can be contacted on 0800 917 7071.

What are an inverter and a converter, what do they do and where can I get them?

An inverter is a device that turns a low voltage (usually 12 volt) DC into a mains level AC voltage – either 110 or 240 volts so that domestic appliances can be run from a battery supply. The S8 CPAP range have a 12V or 24V power input via ResMed’s DC-12 converter.

Do I need to take my machine with me if I need hospitalisation?

Yes. If you are having surgery, it is very important that you tell both the surgeon and the anaesthetist that you are being treated with CPAP. You should also inform the attending physician that you have been diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA).


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