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ResMed AirMini – the world’s smallest, portable CPAP device*

Your CPAP has probably changed your life. By getting your sleep apnoea under control, you’re probably enjoying better health and a happier, more energetic lifestyle. But do you ever wish for more? Do you ever think ‘if only’ as you go without therapy during a business trip or look ahead to a sleepless long-haul flight? If only there was a truly portable CPAP… a pocket CPAP… a travel CPAP I could slip in my luggage or use on the plane. If only…

Change is in the air

The good news is that you don’t have long to wait: your ‘if only’ is about to become your new reality. It’s called the ResMed AirMini. It’s a ground-breaking small portable CPAP that’s just waiting to be your new travel companion. It’s more than a match for your sleep apnoea, it’s small, smart and proven, and it’s coming soon to the UK.

Really, it’s small: not much bigger than an apple, similar in size to your smartphone. It’s smart, because it takes orders from an app on your phone, tells you how your sleep apnoea therapy is going, and can even share results with your doctor if you choose. And it’s proven because this pocket CPAP integrates established, proven algorithms as well as next-generation technologies from ResMed, one of the world’s leading respiratory health companies.

I want it now!

We don’t blame you: a portable, travel CPAP that offers the same performance as your bedside CPAP device is a pretty desirable object. (Did we mention that it’s pretty too?) This is CPAP that you can slip into your handbag when you stay over with a friend or pop in your rucksack when a night of wild camping beckons. It even has an integrated waterless humidifier.

A few lucky CPAP users have already had a glimpse of what the future holds. Gasps of surprise – “I can’t believe this is the whole device!”, “No way! That’s crazy.” – soon gave way to amazement. “Unbelievable!” said one. “I almost can’t believe it: it’s so tiny!” said another. “I’m speechless – and that doesn’t usually happen…” added a third. Incredible, remarkable, a fantastic bit of kit… the compliments kept flowing.

What do you think your reaction will be when it’s your turn?

Because soon it’ll be everybody’s turn to discover this mini marvel. Your days of dreaming ‘if only’ are about to turn into days of ‘where will I go next?’ with your small and truly portable CPAP machine. Get ready, the countdown to a new kind of CPAP starts here…

Register your interest now and you could be the lucky winner of an AirMini or the runner-up prize of “The Sleep Book” – we’ve 20 copies to giveaway.

*As of 4th April 2017

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