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ResMed’s AirMini just got more portable!

If you have, or are thinking of buying, a ResMed AirMini travel CPAP machine, then we’ve some great news for you: the world’s smallest CPAP machine just became an even better travel partner!

Now available on the ResMed Official Online Shop, is the DC/DC 65W converter for the AirMini.

With this new converter, you can power your AirMini from a car, boat or any other vehicle that’s equipped with a suitable battery and a 12v or 24v cigarette-lighter socket.

Where will you take your AirMini?

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4 thoughts on “ResMed’s AirMini just got more portable!

  1. I have been using your sleep apnoea machine for several years. But it is too bulky to carry around when flying.
    Could you please direct me to new machines you have got. I am a member of your ‘organisation’ if that is what it is called

  2. I have a CPAP machine from yourselves, so you should have a record of what I am currently using. I’m wondering whether it is time to upgrade ? Can the mini replace my existing machine or is it just for travelling. Besides being small or their any other benefits it offers.

    Kind Regards Dave Gibson

  3. Thank you for your comment. You can find the AirMini range in the ResMed Official Online Shop where you’ll be able to use your membership to get a 5% discount. If you’d like to discuss your needs further, please call the ResMed UK team on 0800 917 7071.

  4. The AirMini can be used for treatment every night however depending on what your specific requirements are you may prefer to opt for the AirSense 10 AutoSet device.
    Please call us on our free phone number 0800 917 7071 so we can discuss this in full and advise on the best option to suit your requirements.

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