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The ResMed AirFit 30 Series is coming…

The ResMed AirFit™ 30 CPAP masks are coming to the UK!

During February 2019, we’re launching our brand-new range of ultra-compact CPAP masks in the UK.

The ResMed AirFit F30 full-face and the ResMed AirFit N30i nasal-cradle are the latest masks in our range with comfort and convenience at the very heart of their design.

Rediscover the freedom to be yourself

ResMed AirFit 30 series masks are designed with freedom in mind. The ultra-compact, under-the-nose design allows you to sleep freely, move easily, relax at night and more easily share moments of intimacy.

Carefully engineered design features include a supportive cushion that remains stable under sideways pressure, snug headgear that stays gently in place, and quick-release tubing that has flexibility built in.

Whether you sleep on your stomach, have sensitive skin on your nose, or simply want a discreet mask that fits well, you can trust the AirFit 30 series to remain comfortable and effective all night long1,2.

Please note AirFit N30i is not compatible with AirMini.

1 ResMed external 7-day clinical study of 21 ResMed and non-ResMed patients, conducted between 16/04/2018 – 05/05/2018. Data on file; ID A4356449.
2 ResMed external 7-day clinical study of 24 ResMed and non-ResMed patients, conducted between 21/02/2018 – 12/03/2018. Data on file; ID A4320645.

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