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Our updated Travel Guide is here – 2018

Travel is on the increase! According to the office for national statistics, there were 70.8 million visits overseas by UK residents in 2016, which was 8% more than in 2015. UK residents spent £43.8 billion on visits overseas in 2016, which was 12% more than in 2015 and unsurprisingly, the most frequent reason for visits was for holidays!

Moreover, booking a holiday independently is becoming increasingly popular with far flung destinations more accessible than ever. With this in mind, in 2017 we launched our FREE guide to traveling with CPAP and updated it in May 2018. So, whether you’re camping in Cornwall, caravanning in Caracas or sailing round Sardinia our guide will help you with all the things you need to consider, to ensure that however remote your destination you can keep your CPAP therapy on track and hassle free, giving you more time to relax and unwind.

Our useful guide includes tips and tricks for travel including:

  • Flying, boating, camping and more

  • Travel checklist

  • Travel FAQs

  • And much much more.

Click here to download our guide to traveling with CPAP


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