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Oh for a quiet life – getting the CPAP mask right and getting back in the bedroom

We recently received a letter from one of our patients thanking us for the advice received following a discussion with one of the ResMed UK team, Donna, at one of our patient events.

We know therapy is not all plain sailing and can take some getting used to, so we are always delighted to hear success stories and even happier when we’re able to share them with others and remind all those on therapy or even thinking they may have OSA, that our clinicians and customer services team are only a phone call away and happy to offer advice and help on all manner of issues with your therapy. Also keep a look out for our upcoming patient events as these days are often the ideal opportunity to pick up some extra tips that will help you get the most from therapy.

Below, we have published an excerpt from Sue’s letter to us:

“Further to my last e mail to you, when I gratefully acknowledged the AirFit F20 full face mask which you so very kindly sent to me during December 2016, I would like to provide you with some feedback.  

I cannot really find the right words to fully express my huge gratitude to you, once again, for so intuitively recognising the issues I was experiencing when we met on 8th December, and for proposing what might be a solution. Well, the mask you sent to me has made a huge difference! I felt that feedback would be more valuable / informative now I have been using it for several weeks.  

After a hesitant start in using it in the spare room for several nights- not being very sure of what difference this new mask would really make, I moved back into my own bedroom, with my husband. I am sleeping better, and, I believe, with hardly any noise! It may sound strange, but for me one of the biggest issues I had with the sleep apnoea diagnosis and then the treatment / therapy, was one of complete isolation. Having moved into the spare room last April, being back in my own bedroom, in my own bed and sleeping alongside my husband, has been an absolutely enormous benefit of using the new mask, and has contributed hugely to my everyday peace of mind and overall wellbeing. 

Whilst I am not consistently sleeping right through the night, the machine readings inform me that I am generally getting six hours or more ( sometimes even seven) each night from using the mask. I am gradually feeling stronger and far more positive about the whole thing!  I am getting used to this mask now, and am gradually accepting that using it has made a difference not only to my quality of sleep, but also to my general feelings of wellbeing overall. It takes a short while to adjust the straps once I have switched the machine on, to ensure I have the mask fitted properly so there are no leaks. Occasionally my husband reports a bit of noise, but I am guessing this is to be expected from time to time. I no longer wake up with an extremely dry mouth and throat, and my eyes are no longer so sore every day.  I almost always feel rested each morning and look forward to whatever the day brings. I don’t feel so ‘muggy’ in my head and am using far  less ‘post it’ notes to remind me of different things every day!  

I just cannot believe the difference this mask has made! I apologise for the detail, but sincerely hope that all of this information gives you a clear picture of exactly how your actions have impacted upon me, and on my relationship with my husband too. We are enjoying far more relaxing days together!  

As an aside, after looking at various options, I bought a thick (pink!) garden kneeler to put beneath my ResMed machine and it absorbs any noise really well. I just cut it down a little in length.  

A huge thank you Donna, once again, for recognising that this particular face mask from ResMed  could potentially help me significantly, and for sending it to me.”

If you have any issues with your therapy and would like to talk to or meet one of our clinicians, please email us or call us on 0800 917 7071 to arrange an appointment.

If you’d like to share with us a story of your own, then please do get in touch – feedback is very important to us and please remember that you may do so anonymously.

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2 thoughts on “Oh for a quiet life – getting the CPAP mask right and getting back in the bedroom

  1. I have had a nasal pillow for approx 10 months but recently I am findingit more difficult to get a seal as the headstrap has now stetched and there does not seem to be any adjustment. Can the headstrap be replaced as I can’t see any way of changing it

  2. Assuming you have the P10 nasal pillows mask, you can adjust the headgear according to where you have the back sections of the strap positioned. For example if you position them both together at the top/back of your head it tightens it, and if you separate them so one is near your forehead and the other is in the nape of your neck, that loosens it. It is important to hand wash the headgear strap regularly to wash away the oils and grease from your hair and head, which in turn will help it maintain its elasticity. If you need to replace just this item, you can purchase the headgear on its own. Please click here to view/purchase this online.

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