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#MeAndMyResMed Competition winners announced!

We’re delighted to announce the winner and an extra runner up for our competition #MeAndMyResMed

As you know, continuity of your CPAP therapy is key to ensuring you get all the benefits wherever you may be – whether staying with family & friends, traveling for business or taking that well-deserved holiday. With CPAP devices getting smaller (the AirMini!) there’s no reason why you shouldn’t travel with your CPAP and maintain your treatment while you’re on the move.

So during our July we held a competition tagged #MeAndMyResMed where we asked our patients to submit imaginative and interesting photos of their travels with their ResMed CPAP device or mask. The grand prize was a break at a UK hotel of their choosing to a maximum value of £500.

We had some great entries, which made judging tougher. But, ultimately, we were looking for creativity whilst showing that you do take your ResMed device out of the home when on your travels to continue your therapy!

Well, after much deliberation, our winning entry is from Nicola and her cleverly created Crested Maskimus Scotia! Our judges said: “We loved the creative idea behind this entry, the witty caption and Nicola’s effort to stage the photo of her ResMed mask. A worthy winner!” Nicola wins a £500 voucher to book a luxury weekend break in the UK.

It was a close-call so the judges felt that a runner-up prize was in order and this is awarded to Tony. Our judges said: “Tony’s photo of his AirMini set against a gorgeous New Zealand backdrop is stunning and aspirational. We felt it embodied the idea of freedom while still continuing OSA treatment.” Tony will receive a ResMed mask of his choosing.

Winning entry – Nicola
Breaking news: Crested ResMed Maskimus Scotica fledgling, known as Demser, takes first peek out of nest at the big wide world. For over two decades this rare cousin of the much loved common ResMed Maskimus, has been believed to be extinct.







Runner-Up – Tony
Bay of Islands, New Sealand. AirMini first trip!

A big well done and thank you to everybody who took part and keep an eye out for our future competitions.

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