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Introducing AirView – stay connected to our clinicians for as little as 16p per day

With its wireless connectivity, the AirSense 10 offers you access to support and service though its integration with our optional AirView™ Patient Management system and Remote Assist support.

With AirView and Remote Assist, your AirSense 10 can be accessed remotely, and securely, by a ResMed clinician. So if you are a ResMed private patient and you have opted in to this service our customer care specialists and clinicians can review your therapy data and if necessary adjust your device settings remotely without you having to visit the clinic.

If you are experiencing any problems with your therapy you can just call our free help line and our experienced staff can check that your device is working properly and troubleshoot any issues to ensure you get the right treatment without delay.

AirView gives you the reassurance that if you need help it’s only a phone call away.

If you have an AirSense 10 AutoSet we offer two data upgrade offers: 12 months and 24 months:

12 months for £80:

24 months for £115:

  • Remote assist (we will be able to trouble shoot treatment issues over the phone)
  • 24-months AirView for compliance & therapy support*
  • Annual report after the initial 12-months and after 24 months (On 24 month plan), both including an optional 30-min appointment at a ResMed Centre for Healthy Sleep or over the phone

To order, call the ResMed UK team on 0800 917 7071

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