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International Pillow-Fight Day – seriously good fun!

On Saturday 6th April you are allowed to take your pillow out and start a fight (albeit in a recognised location at an organised event) to help celebrate International Pillow Fight Day. From Hong Kong to New York, there are centrally planned events across the world with the aim of bringing communities together and to generate some fun! There are some rules to stick too however to make sure it is a safe day too:

1) Cheap pillows can scratch without a pillow case so please bring one

2) Just because it’s a pillow doesn’t mean it can’t hurt, be careful and kind

3) Do not hit anyone with a camera (hard) – they are friends

4) If someone’s got a hard, heavy pillow, please TELL THEM

5) Take your pillow away with you or carry on the good community work and give to a homeless person

6) Smile and have fun – it’s all about positivity

7) Please bring a black bag and help cleaning up afterwards.

For inspiration watch London’s pillow fight in Kennington in 2017.

If you’d like to get involved or organise your own pillow fighting flash-mob keep an on eye on Facebook events or visit for more information.

And it you don’t want a pillow fight, but you are looking to improve your sleep comfort, then check out our pillows below – all available at the ResMed Official Online Shop.

Photo credit by Tim Stief on Unsplash

CPAPmax contour pillow & spare pillow cover

This kit is perfect for helping you get the best night’s sleep! This CPAP Max Pillow package comes complete with a spare replacement pillow cover as it’s convenient to have a spare while one is in the wash. When bought together you get the replacement pillow cover for £10 instead of £24.99!. Please note the replacement cover is not the same as the pillow case. 

RRP: £84.99

My7 pillow – cappuccino

A unique, ergonomic pillow for side-sleepers that keeps your body and spine well aligned and provides comfortable support to your neck, head, shoulders and knees. The special ‘7’ shape combines the advantages of several pillows in one.

RRP £84.90

CPAP Max Pillow 2.0

The CPAPmax pillow 2.0 is a next-generation pillow with 3-layers of foam and an advanced design that will enhance your sleep quality and comfort while on CPAP treatment. It helps improve your mask fit, reduce leaks from shifting in your sleep and minimises facial pressure.

RRP £74.99

CPAPmax – Pillow case

A high quality pillow case designed to fit the unique curves and shape of your CPAPMax Pillow, to help keep your CPAPMax Pillow clean and fresh.

RRP £24.99


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