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Our Guide to Air Travel and OSA

Planning on travelling by plane with your CPAP?

Traveling by air, whether for business or pleasure can be stressful at the best of times. Even just remembering to pack your passport can be a distraction – how many times do you ask yourself ‘have I packed the passport?’ just on the way to the airport? Add CPAP to your list of things to remember and it’s a whole new ball-game. Not any more!

If you’re on CPAP therapy and you’re planning air travel, we’ve created a useful guide to Air Travel with CPAP to help you on your way. Whether it’s remembering to get a letter from your GP or packing a spare mask – we’ve got it covered. We’ve created our guide as a single, easy to read infographic and broken it down into 10 simple stages packed full of helpful tips, tricks and considerations so that you can board the plane in the knowledge you’ll be able to keep up your CPAP therapy throughout your trip – assuming you HAVE remembered to pack your passport of course! Just click on the image to preview it in full.

Our full guide to traveling with CPAP has been updated too!

If you want a more in depth guide on general travel with CPAP, then you can download our guide to traveling with CPAP here


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