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AirFit F20 vs AirTouch F20 – what is the difference?

AirFit F20 vs AirTouch F20 – what is the difference?
So, what IS the difference between our two full-face CPAP masks, the AirFit™ F20 and the AirTouch™ F20? Well, on the face of it (pun intended), it’s a small difference with a huge impact for some: each mask has a different cushion material. But, more on that below.

Before comparing the difference between the two masks it’s worth looking at the evolution of the AirFit F20 and AirTouch F20 masks.

AirFit F20 Full-Face Mask
Launched in late 2016 with both comfort and convenience at the heart of our ambitions, the AirFit F20 full face mask was designed to comfortably fit the widest range of faces. Indeed, in an international study, the AirFit F20 fitted 96.5% of all patients. 1, 2, 3, 4 

The mask includes comfort features such as InfinitySeal™, an adaptive silicone cushion, which provides a secure and comfortable seal for your therapy needs regardless of your face shape or size. With convenience in mind, we also introduced magnetic clips for simpler and quicker fitting. All these features combine to deliver a mask with exceptional comfort.

AirFit F20 Redux!
In recent months, we’ve updated the AirFit F20 with the introduction of the QuietAir™ vent on the mask’s elbow. This minimises noise and gently disperses exhaled air to make the air outlet even quieter. In fact, 9 times quieter than before and almost as quiet as a rural valley slope! All new AirFit F20 masks now come with QuietAir (though QuietAir can be added to older AirFit F20 masks too!)

So, then onto that burning question what IS the difference between the AirFit F20 and AirTouch F20 mask?

Enter the AirTouch F20 Full-Face Mask
The AirTouch F20 uses the same frame as the AirFit F20, but, where the AirFit F20 has an adaptive InfinitySeal silicone cushion, the AirTouch F20 uses our UltraSoft™ memory-foam cushion.

The UltraSoft cushion adapts to your facial profile and, because the foam has unique properties that provide less friction and contact pressure than standard silicone, it reduces the likelihood of red facial marks and the discomfort associated with that.

Because foam is permeable, it allows a very small amount of air to pass through the cushion providing a more natural sleeping experience without compromising therapy.

The UltraSoft cushion can be easily cleaned with just a wipe down* but, unlike a silicone cushion, ‘it does need replacing frequently to ensure optimal comfort, we recommend that you change it every 4 weeks. There are UltraSoft cushion value-bundles available on the ResMed Official Online Shop, as either 3-pack or 9-pack complete with cleaning wipes.

It’s worth noting that the AirTouch UltraSoft memory-foam cushion is a direct replacement for the InfinitySeal silicon-cushion of the AirFit F20. So, if you have an AirFit F20 with a silicon-cushion and want to experience the supreme comfort of our latest memory-foam cushion, it’s a simple cushion swap-out!

Of course, both the AirFit F20 and AirTouch F20 mask also have a ‘For Her’ option as well, so between the two we’re sure you’ll find a mask to suit you and help you maintain your therapy!

As always, if you’re unsure which mask is right for you, please speak to your sleep clinician or call the ResMed UK team for more information or to book your personal mask-fitting session.

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5 thoughts on “AirFit F20 vs AirTouch F20 – what is the difference?

  1. What masks and machines are available on the now please ,I’m a patient of Churchill hospital in Oxford for osa

  2. CPAP equipment available through the NHS can vary. It is best you contact the Churchill Clinic directly as they will be best to advise on what specific equipment they supply to their patients. If you would like more information on ResMed devices then you are more than welcome to contact our customer services team on 0800 917 7071.

  3. I am under Oxford hospital & try so hard to keep this on every night, most nights I last between 3-6 hours, I brought myself the new f30 but didn’t get on at all with that one & it kept slipping of my nose every time I moved even though I had the right size which I got from the template.
    I find the Airfit f20 full face digs into my nose & face, I then brought this fabric liners which were no good at all
    I would like the New Airtouch f20 but don’t think I could get this on N.H.S ! What sort of dec
    Discount would 8 be able to get, I do have my pension now but not sure how to manage the payment if Oxford won’t fund it, I really don’t wont to give up my treatment using this mask. But how can I carry on

  4. We are sorry to hear of the various issues you have experienced. If you still have the AirFit F20 mask you can buy a single AirTouch memory foam cushion which can be inserted in the F20 mask frame, and that would allow you to try it and see if it works well for you. It would be unlikely for the NHS to fund this type of cushion type, given it needs to replaced monthly, however you may still want to contact them and enquire further. Going forward, we sell AirTouch cushions in packs of 3 or 9 and the bigger the pack the more you save.

    We can confirm you are already registered with us a ResMed Rewards member meaning you always benefit from a 5% discount on any orders placed; beyond this there is no further discount we can offer although do keep an eye out for our emails as sometimes have some special offers whereby you can benefit from extra discount. If we can assist further please call us free on 0800 917 7071.

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