AirFit™ 30 series

The AirFit 30 Series

Our ultra-compact range of masks

Nasal cradle mask AirFit N30i

  • Top-of-the-head tube design that makes it easy to sleep in any position.
  • Nasal cradle cushion sits discreetly under your nose, not on it.
  • Self-adjusting SpringFit frame adapts for a stable, reliable fit.
  • Under-the-nose design eliminates issues with discomfort and red marks on your nasal bridge.
  • Minimalist design leaves your face clear for easier communication.

Full face mask AirFit F30

    • Under-the-nose design means no red marks on nasal bridge.
    • Quick diffused venting allows you to sleep close to your bed partner.
    • Easy-to-use magnetic clips for quick fitting.
    • Clear field of vision makes it easy to read.

The freedom to be yourself

Choose an ultra-compact AirFit 30 series mask if you value performance but prioritise freedom.
Under-the-nose cushions mean red marks and discomfort on the bridge of your nose are a thing of the past.