Travelling with CPAP

Travelling with CPAP

If you suffer from sleep apnoea and are receiving CPAP therapy, there is no reason why you cannot live a normal life and that includes travelling whilst keeping up with your therapy.

Designed to be lightweight and highly portable, ResMed’s therapy devices and masks will prove to be easy travel companions, wherever you go.

If you travel often then it may be worth investing in a secondary travel specific device such as the AirMini. Also available with a DC/DC converter for added convenience on the go.

If you use a full face mask, try out the AirTouch F20 with memory foam. It’s our most comfortable mask ever and if you’re already using the AirFit F20, you can try the AirTouch cushion without having to buy a whole mask system. You can find these and more travel sleep solutions at ResMed Official Online Shop.

Most ResMed devices can be used all over the world, in the great outdoors and even on an aeroplane. This makes travelling with your therapy equipment relaxed, comfortable and easy. Just the way it should be!

ResMed has produced a FREE ‘Guide to Travelling with CPAP‘ to help make travelling with CPAP straightforward and provide useful information.
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