Starting your CPAP treatment

Starting your CPAP Treatment

If you’ve recently been diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnoea, we understand that getting onto treatment is not always a smooth process. From recognising your symptoms through to having a positive diagnosis can be a long and arduous journey. But as you begin CPAP therapy your journey should be more settled and your quality of life should take a more positive turn.

Nonetheless, receiving a diagnosis for a serious health condition and the subsequent treatment will require mental and physical adjustments, but the results will be worth it. Today, ResMed makes every effort to ensure living with sleep apnoea as easy as possible. ResMed’s sleep apnoea treatment products are designed to be comfortable and easy to use. We’re constantly working on innovation to try and ensure that living with sleep apnoea doesn’t interfere with your lifestyle or relationships.

Getting treatment for sleep apnoea and following your doctor’s advice can help you and your family members improve your quality of life. Treatment should reduce snoring and improve the quality of sleep for your bed partner too, and help you feel rested and more energetic during the day.

If you are on the treatment pathway in the UK, your first year on treatment may look something like this.

We’re here to help
Whilst we hope you quickly start feeling the benefits of your therapy straight away, you may well have some questions about your treatment. ResMed has a dedicated team ready to help. Contact us by calling 0800 917 7071 or email us on

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