Already on treatment?

If you’re already on treatment but would like help or advice then we have two ResMed Centres for Healthy Sleep: one in London and one in Harwell, Oxfordshire.

Our Centres have offered the highest standards of sleep disorder advice and care since 2004 and are a regular port of call for patients long established on treatment. ResMed Centres for Healthy Sleep in London and Abingdon provide diagnosis and treatment of Sleep Disordered Breathing, of which the most common form is Obstructive Sleep Apnoea.

We employ only UK registered practitioners with experience in sleep medicine to ensure the very best support for our patients. Long-term relationships are important to us, many of our patients started their treatment journey years ago and continue to visit annually for review.

We are also well known for our accurate home diagnosis service for new sufferers, and provide friendly and caring advice for these patients.

Treatment and maintenance

New treatment set-up appointment £110

If you have been diagnosed with OSA, Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) is often recommended as the most effective treatment. At our Centres for Healthy Sleep our team of experienced clinicians can set you up on treatment. During your 1 hour set up consultation consultation the nurse will ask you a few questions to understand your medical history, your current sleep routine and your symptoms. We will discuss your diagnosis and how the treatment will help.

We will assess what the most appropriate ResMed mask would be for you. You will have the chance to try them on whilst lying down on a bed with PAP in action to make sure you get the right mask for you.

We will set up your kit and give you instructions on how to care for your equipment. We will stay in regular contact with you for the first few weeks of treatment, which is essential to ensure that you get the best start to your treatment and any issues you might be facing are resolved as soon as possible. Your set-up will also include a free of charge 30 minute consultation including a data download once you have been on treatment for 1 month.

Mask fitting appointments £25

Finding the right mask for you is an essential step towards effective and comfortable therapy. Fitting a mask properly depends a great deal on your position. Facial muscles change when we lie down and relax even further once we’re asleep, so it’s always best to fit the mask while you’re in your sleeping position.

During a mask fitting appointment at our Centres for Healthy Sleep, we’ll help you select the most appropriate size and style of mask for you. You can try on the masks while lying on a bed and connected to CPAP to ensure the fit is right. Our clinics will always carry the latest ResMed mask innovations for you to try on.

Annual review £35

Obstructive sleep apnoea is a chronic disease and it is important for your long term health to make sure you keep getting the best out of your therapy. We recommend you have an annual review where we can provide you with the support you need.

We will review your data and discuss the report, how you are feeling on treatment and any alterations in your medical history. We will alter the settings and give you mask fitting advice if necessary. Our experienced clinicians will also help with knowledge and advice on getting the most out of your treatment.

Please bring your data card and mask to the appointment.

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