Does my dog have sleep apnoea?

Is it possible that pets can have obstructive sleep apnoea? And if so, can CPAP help treat their symptoms? The answers are yes… and possibly. As with humans, little Rover’s sleep apnoea would most likely develop over time, either on its own or as result of a separate medical condition or drug he’s taking.1 You’ll probably […]

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Sleep apnoea

Can you die from sleep apnoea?

In short, yes, along with its interactions with other life-threatening conditions sleep apnoea can kill you. Left untreated, people with sleep apnoea are more likely to: Have a heart attack1 or stroke2 (2–3 more times likely); Have high blood pressure3 or type 2 diabetes;4 Be involved in a deadly vehicle accident.5 Because of the health risks, including links […]

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